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guidance   of  the  self

I embrace the notion that any channeled piece of artwork is developed throughout an exploration of the self. Even in teasing the ideas available to us over the breadth of collective knowledge, we merely reflect our own personal experience of whatever evidence may happen to cross our paths. The artist found projecting their will from an illusory objective standpoint is merely advertising a lack of inner understanding and humility. A goal of the Posthumanist is to imagine processes and forms within “nature” upon a theoretic speculation towards objectivity – albeit from the subjective prison of the human psyche.



forget  the  gym  –  expand  your  mind


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Deakin University



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Deakin University




weaning  from  the  breast  of  the  “other  mother” 

Perhaps the greatest gift one could ever hope to be blessed by. Yet the stagnations of localised patterns are not always possible to escape. Our drastically stratified global community is by-and-large castrated in its ability to see the diversity of our planetary and social environments: a plight breaking my heart and fuelling my rage.

However, I also find my blood freezing with disappointment when I see a vast, capable majority of people extinguishing any chance to explore the Earth and enrich their brief human existences. They flop around like maggots, instead swallowing a culture of fear, complacency, sensationalism and ego. Pursuing the dreams they’re fed, our brothers and sisters amble slowly; surely into nothing more than a mere mirage created by blissful ignorance.